Technology for art and entertainment.

We are a small development studio based in Belgium creating beautiful interactive experiences both in the physical and the digital world.

01— Light Installations

We build outstanding light installations for events, clubs and festivals.

This picture shows half of Brigitte, a 4,6m wide sun made out of 48x2m alluminum bar filled with 5 760 color LEDs. The installation acts as a full light show controlled by a VJ.

Technology: LED, CNC, ArtNet, Woodwork, Madmapper

02— Education

We teach art, code, electronics and mecatronics in workshop and masterclass.

Current topics are Make art with code, an initiation to programmation with P5.js, Build a Smart Light appliance with Arduino, an initiation to electronic and Reclaim your home. An initiation to DIY home automation with ESPHome and HomeAssistant.

Past topics were : Build and operate a 3d Printer, Design for 3d printing with Fusion360, Internet Of Things, masterclass for engineers,…

03— Development

We build custom software, app and hardware for artists and performances.

The picture shows Daidalos, a cello labyrinth made of 123 interactive pieces. We designed and built a custom interactive iPad app and a website for the performance. The public controlled the movement of the player in the labyrinth using their smartphones.

Technology : Web, Unity, iPad, OSC, ArtNet.